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Turning plastic into sleeping mats - ProSoft Helping Hands (May)

This was our first service project of our ProSoft Helping Hands initiative. Our goal is to participate in a service project at least once a month. For May, we decided to collect plastic grocery bags to help make plarn (plastic yarn) sleeping mats with Stitching Hearts Worldwide. This organization makes plarn sleeping mats, pillows, quilts, backpacks, and more for refugees in foreign countries and homeless persons in our community!

We folded around 4,000 bags prior to the service day and collected hundreds more that we donated with the folded bags.

We worked with Krysti's team to cut, tie, and weave the plarn into sleeping mats! It takes around 300 - 400 bags to make one mat.

The weaving process, when done with two people, takes around two hours.

The end result is a beautiful sleeping mat! They're lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable! Ethyn got a good nap.

It was a pleasure working with Stitching Hearts Worldwide! This was such a fun, easy s…

How to upgrade the Autodesk Network License Manager (LMTOOLS) on Windows

To upgrade the Network License Manager (LMTOOLS) on Windows:  Download the latest version of the Autodesk Network License Manager.For the 2020 Software, version is required.Before uninstalling the current version, Stop the Licensing Service by going into lmtools.exe > Start/Stop/Reread tab > select Force Server Shutdown check box and Stop Server.Uninstall the Autodesk Network License Manager from the Control Panel.Install the Network License Manager through the download. By default, it will install to C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager  It's best practice to install to the default location.In lmtools.exe > Config Services tab check the paths to be sure they are correct. If you changed the installation directory during install, you may need to update the paths. If you are also updating the license file, place the newly generated license file in the installation directory, and repoint the ‘path to the license file’ to the new file.Start the Licensing Service by g…

The ProSoft Perspective: What is new in Revit 2020?

Autodesk just dropped 2020 versions of all of their major programs! Here is a summary of the new features in Revit 2020:

Collaborate & Connect: PDFs into Revit: You can now use PDFs directly in Revit, gain access to full BIM 360/Connected Desktop Support, and snap geometry in the view.Publish Could Models on Revit Home: Easier access and tighter integration with the BIM 360 platform.Cloud Models for Revit Update: Store and access workshared and non-workshared models in the cloud, cloud storage use through Bim 360, and BIM 360 now allows individual and larger internal teams a connection to the platform.Support for Sketchup 2018 Import and Link: Supports up to 2018 version of sketchUp, and Colors from SketchUp are imported into Revit.Revit Extension for Fabrication exports: Setup data exports, reuse formats in fabrication databases, and extend data to fabrication and procurement.
Create: Elliptical walls: Ellipse in draw panel for walls, change type, centerline location line, and switch…

PowerLaunch 2019 - What You Need to Know

ProSoft, your premier solution for Autodesk products and services, is excited to announce the first stop of their 2019 PowerLaunch Tour. This is our 10th ANNIVERSARY for this amazing event and it's time to celebrate!

Join us on May 29th in Salt Lake City for an incredible FREE day of industry-specific breakout sessions, panel discussions, prizes and a networking social. Lunch will be provided!

Here's a look at this year's breakout sessions:

Registration is FREE ( but seating will be limited! Don't miss out on this incredible one day event!

Stay tuned for new updates and additional PowerLaunch location announcements.

We'll see you there!

What You Need to Know About Moving to Subscription

We now live in a subscription-based world where multiple corporations have switched to this business model.  Autodesk is evolving with the flow and making a huge move to subscription plans. Companies like Microsoft and Adobe are great examples of this. Here's what you need to know about switching to a subscription plan:

First of all, what is the difference between an Autodesk maintenance plan and a subscription plan?
Think of leasing vs. owning. Subscription plans are term licenses that are renewable annually.  If you don't renew, you no longer have access to the license. With a maintenance plan, you purchase rights to your Autodesk license and pay to maintain your perpetual license. If you stop making payments, you still keep your license, but it will stay on the version that you paid for.

Why switch at all? Many of our customers prefer to keep their maintenance plans because they prefer to own their license, but here are a few benefits to switching to subscription:
Avoid pri…

AutoCAD 2020 Block Performance Hotfix

AutoCAD 2020 is out! Hopefully you've all had a chance to play around in it and check out the new features. As with all new things, sometimes we hit bugs. Autodesk released a Hotfix that applies to the 2020 versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD 2020-based specialized toolsets. It addresses an AutoCAD performance issue when opening DWG files with large numbers of block references.

Here's how to fix it from Autodesk's Knowledge Network: "You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft Windows operating system to complete the installation process.
This installation requires you to replace the following files:
• accore.dll
• acdb23.dll

Download the correct Hotfix for your application to a location on your local computer:, or
(This is the site to download:…

Quick Tutorial: How to compare drawings in Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tips & Tricks 2019

Once again, our Consulting and Services Manager Shawn Herring's insight was featured in this month's AUGIWorld Magazine.  Below is a copy of the article:
There are a lot of little things that go unnoticed in Civil 3D. Probably due to the fact that there are a million icons and commands!Whether they are hidden away within your Toolbox, or several layers deep within the ribbon, there are some really good tools that are often overlooked.Here are some of my favorite little tasks, some new, and some oldies but goodies!
Profile Crossing Tool (New in 2019) This is a great tool added to 2019.2.You can add crossings to profile views to identify where linear objects cross the profile relative to the parent alignment.This takes the Project Objects tool just a step further. You can use the profile crossing tool add crossings and labels to profile views for the following types of objects:      Alignments     Profiles     Feature lines      Survey figures     3D polylines
When you add crossi…

What are we to do with Forge?

Automate repetitive tasks, render 2D and 3D models in a web browser, generate reports on consumption, usage and contract details, and convert images into high-res meshes, point clouds and orthophotos. It all sounds a little dreamy, doesn’t it? Perhaps a little out of reach?
We’re here to tell you all this may be in your work space sooner than you think. In fact, it’s already at your fingertips! Cue Forge, a relatively new tool from Autodesk, providing us with a way to unlock the powerful functionality in Autodesk’s products. It’s designed in a way that allows you to pick and manipulate a variety of tools Autodesk has provided, to bring to life your imagination in ways never before possible. All this is created through using a set of API’s and services handled by a platform intuitively called Forge. But before we start casually throwing around sophisticated acronyms like API and SDK, let’s take a minute to understand some of the foundational (and admittedly less exciting) things about …

Uninstalling Autodesk Software with the WMIC Utility

It’s not uncommon to have two or three versions of ten or more Autodesk products installed on a typical workstation. Each one of those products having language packs, libraries, enablers, add-ons etc. This can result in dozens of installed Autodesk applications. Even uninstalling one release year of those products, done manually could mean running through thirty or more uninstallation wizards. This blog post, updated from one I did back in 2013, will guide you through making this process much easier, faster, and less work.
WMIC Uninstall The most versatile way to uninstall is by using the WMI command-line (WMIC) utility. (Windows Management Instrumentation Command) This utility can be used for a wide variety of tasks, one of which, is uninstalling applications using the CALL command. This command can be customized to uninstall any selection of applications by searching based on two types of criteria; Vendor, and Name. To select Autodesk applications, you can make a call for any appl…

Pros and Cons of LiDAR

When it comes to capturing existing conditions, the first question in everyone’s mind seems to be “to scan or not to scan?” With all the technologies out there, the next question is usually “which tool is best for the job?” Complicating the ability to answer these questions is the accelerated pace at which new technology developments and commercially available products enter the market.

When overwhelmed by choices—especially new, unproven and expensive options—we’re often moved to inaction, making it difficult to invest in the proper technology. But if we don’t invest now, we will fall further behind our competitors.

During the last couple years, we have invested in a wide range of reality-capture technologies ranging from traditional, ground-based survey tools to terrestrial laser scanning to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mounted capture platforms. We now find ourselves flying drones on jobs that previously may have been captured with terrestrial-based scanners. Drones seem to captur…

Express Yourself: Using Expressions in Civil 3D

Expressions in Civil 3D have been around since the beginning of time……Civil 3D time! However, I don’t think people utilize expressions to their full capabilities, or even at all.I’ve heard of some pretty cool ways people are using expressions to label and analyze their models in Civil 3D and thought I’d share a few.
This article helps walk through setting up a couple expressions, starting with simple mathematical formulas to more advanced analysis expressions.
About Expressions Expressions are stored in the Settings tree, within the label style type folders. They are not available for label style types that do not have relevant properties, such as Note label styles.But for the most part, they are available in every type of label such as surface, alignment, profile, etc.
You insert expressions into label styles using the Text Component Editor when you are editing a label style text component.

Expressions make use of the same properties that you can add to label styles, such as Point Elev…