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FREE Webinar - iConstruct: Taking BIM To A New Dimension

Up Next (Thurs. the 19th):
Topic — iConstruct: Taking BIM To A New DimensioniConstruct software is an advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution that utilizes the collaboration and review technology provided by Autodesk Navisworks.

A powerful information management tool, iConstruct enables the vast array of information stored in the latest generation of BIM models to be extracted, organized and used in an efficient and logical way.
iConstruct allows project teams and consultants to manage design and construction information to suit various segments of the industry, from design engineers to construction managers, and integrate this intelligence into a single 3D model displayed in Navisworks.

By running on Navisworks, iConstruct interacts with the large majority of design software currently in use and has the ability to read a large number of different CAD formats. This enables it to be used by second and third parties, without the need to purchase expensive design software, whil…

A Few Reasons you Can't See Stuff in Revit

I hope you were able to recover from Autodesk University this year if you were able to attend.  I got back Friday night and pretty much had to sleep the weekend off after sitting in classes all day, taking the certification exams, and doing work in the evening.  Overall I found this years AU to be a very successful and profitable trip for me.  I have to say, the classes were very well presented on the whole, with great tips and plenty of content to keep me learning for the next little while. If you have never attended, I would suggest trying it at least once.  There are hundreds of classes, and plenty of networking opportunities.  For me, it was valuable to meet people in the industry and learn their way of doing things.   I know I will try to implement some of these things in my daily workflow in Revit.  Speaking of a few new tips, I picked up this list of possible reasons people find it difficult to locate something in Revit and thought I would publish it for you.  Take a look, and …