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Autodesk Labs: Interactive Terrain Shaping for AutoCAD Civil 3D / AutoCAD Map 3D Pond

The Interactive Terrain Shaping technology preview provides users with a unique workflow for developing grading proposals in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2012 software. The primary goal of this effort is to provide a holistic approach to terrain shaping that allows users to go from concept to completion using the same model. The intent is to facilitate the development of comprehensive grading plans that can be easily tuned through the project cycle.

Check out the Autodesk videos on our YouTube Channel:

What's up with that annoying VIEWCUBE in Civil 3D??!!!

Have you ever had issues with the view cube and UCS Icon not being in agreement??  The little "twist" to the view cube was making me crazy.  Here a solution that worked well for me:
On the command line, enter the command “GEOGRAPHICLOCATION”Depending on the current status of your DWT or DWG, you will have one of two dialog boxes appear.Select "enter the Location values"The "Geographic Location" dialog appears, and you will probably see there is a tiny angle set in the North Direction field.Hit OKHit ENTER (GEOGRAPHICLOCATION) againNow you will have a dialog box pop up to edit, define, or remove the geographic location.Go to Edit and you will see where you can make that correction.

This whole system is used to tie Google Earth images into drawings. It is not tied into the survey settings.

Just a quick note on this bug...

It seems to happen whenever you open an older drawing in C3D 2011 (or if you create a new drawing from a template that has not been upgraded …

Civil 3D User-Defined Contour Analysis

Ever have the need to show a random contour and/or a high water mark of a pond? Using Civil 3D's User-Defined Contour Analysis will make that an easy task.

We have created a drainage pond but would like to mark the HIGH WATER ELEVATION of 167.55 and display that contour line along with our typical contour intervals.

Here is our pond before:

Select your surface, right click (or contextual Ribbon), and go to Surface Properties. Go to the Analysis tab, on the "Analysis Type" pull down select "User-Defined Contours". In the Number of Ranges type "1" and then select the Add arrow to the right. After the contour has been added to your Range Details click on the "Elevation" and set it to your edge value, in this case 167.55.

*Note: Make sure your surface style has the User Contours" turned ON in the Display tab 

Apply that style to your surface and you should now see the HIGH WATER contour!! Label it as you would any other surface label…