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Setting up Room Schedules in Revit

Rooms and Tagging: Rooms are special objects in Revit because they do not have some sort of a clear physical representation similar to other model elements like walls, furniture, and doors.  They are however just as much as part of your model.  Their horizontal extents are determined by “Bounding Elements” in the form of walls, doors, columns, or actual room separation lines.  All of these objects allow Revit to determine the area of each room.  Additionally, it is possible with Revit to calculate the volume of each room.  These settings are accessible on the Room & Area panel under the home tab.
Rooms & Room Tags:
The room is the spatial object that contains all the metadata about the space.  The tag merely reports those values.  In many cases you can change the values in the room tag, and the room properties will update (and vice versa).  But whereas deleting the room will delete the tag, the opposite is not true.  You can delete a room tag, and the room will remain.  This make…

FREE Webinar - Modeling Floor Finishes

Modeling Floor Finishes
Product Platform:  Autodesk Revit
Presenter:  David Barker, Senior AEC Application Engineer
Industry:  Architecture

Autodesk Revit 2014 provides a few different methods to use when modeling floors, and attaching various finishes. In this webinar, we will explore the different workflows to take to achieve the results required by architects and contractors.

Here's the date and time:
Wed., October 23rd, 2:00 PM (Mountain)
If you are interested in attending on October 23rd, please register

We look forward to seeing you online for these informative webinars.
Thank you, and please contact us at 888-263-09393 with any questions you may have.