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eTransmit Add-In for Revit 2014

Autodesk's Revit 2014 has recently made an eTransmit add in available.  This is very useful when trying to package your model with all CAD links and Revit links for your consultants.

With eTransmit for Revit you can: §Copy and detach a Revit model and associated files to a single folder for internet transmission. This removes the typical error messages when you copy central files using the operating system. §Locate dependent files automatically and include them in the transmittal folder, helping to reduce the possibility of error. All dependent files are automatically converted to use relative paths so the dependent files can be located by the model. §Choose to include related dependent files such as linked Revit models, CAD files, DWF™ markups, decal images, and external keynote files. You can transmit any Revit (.rvt) model that has been upgraded to be compatible with a Revit 2012 software product or later.   §Choose to Upgrade the Revit (.rvt) model and linked models to the current …

Uninstall Multiple Autodesk Products Quickly and Easily

If you have ever tried to uninstall an Autodesk Suite, you have probably noticed there are dozens of different products, all installed separately, they all installed together but where is the button to uninstall them all together? Unfortunately, there is not one! If you have ever sat at your desk, uninstalling each program one by one, keep reading this will save you alot of time!
I have put together a simple script using the windows utility WMIC to easily remove all Autodesk applications! Running this script will remove any and ALL Autodesk applications!  To run this script you need to first open a cmd shell, in order for this to run properly, it must be run with elevated permissions. To do this click start -> all programs -> accessories -> Right click on 'command prompt' and choose 'Run as Administrator'.  In the CMD window that will open type 'wmic', then hit enter. This will enter the wmic utility. Your command window should now look like this:

Door & Window Schedules/Type Elevations - Revit 2014

Creating Door & Window Type Elevations - Revit 2014
This blog post is intended to provide a short workflow detailing how to create "Door Type Elevations" which are typical on a sheet with corresponding schedules.  They typically provide the contractor quick information as to the look and type of door.
I've commonly seen architects and BIM modelers creating elevation views of a door. These elevation views not only show the door, but also the surrounding walls and other elements. After creating this view, it is required to then adjust the boundary to only show the door.  The problem with this approach is that it is not only tedious, but if the door happens to move or get deleted all together, then the view must be updated. Let's look at a more efficient way of doing this and the process involved.
Creating the Door & Window Type Elevation:
Use Legends to create these elevations. This process makes use of the Legend Tools under the View Menu-->Create Tab.  Click …

Autodesk® InfraWorks ™ 2014 R2 Enhancements

Out now for subscription customers only, you can download the latest enhanced Infraworks R2!!!
Autodesk® InfraWorks™ 2014 R2 software delivers several enhancements to Autodesk InfraWorks 2014. Create better designs for roads and highways projects with: Improved pipeline capabilities: edit pipelines and pipe connectors as a connected networkbetter support for IMX import of pipe connectors from Civil 3D structures Improved intersection capabilities: create junction geometry based on design standardsmore support for a variety of curb return geometryeasily edit intersection geometry with a user friendly interaction modelsupport for both 4-way and T-Junctions Improved documentation services with the ability to: share InfraWorks models with users through cloud services and view documentation via Autodesk® 360 General products enhancements: Terrain grading updates including the ability to streamline the creation of level sites for efficient site planning and prelimin…

Autodesk Introduces Breakthrough Technology for Infrastructure w/ Autodesk InfraWorks 360 Pro

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As part of an ongoing effort to drive the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) within the infrastructure industry,Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) announcedAutodesk InfraWorks 360 Pro. Autodesk InfraWorks 360 Pro offers the latest 3D modeling, visualization and cloud-based collaboration technologies to help efficiently close the estimated $30 trillion gap worldwide between desperately needed infrastructure and the funding required to deliver it.................

Read the full article here:
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FREE Infraworks Demonstration @ WFRUG – August 15th

Come join us all at the Wasatch Front REVIT User Group on August 15th
Shawn Herring from ProSoft will be demonstration the Autodesk Infraworks software.
Speed The Planning & Design Process Quickly and easily create 3D models to perform civil infrastructure design and planning with Autodesk InfraWorks software (formerly Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler). Accelerate the design process, and streamline decision making. Generate data-rich proposals to better predict how design alternatives may perform in the existing environment, and more effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Whether you're a land planner, architect, GIS guy or civil engineer, this topic will be sure to get your creative juices flowing. We will create a full 3D model of existing buildings and infrastructure and do multiple proposals. We will also look at some cloud/presentation options as well.

The Presenter is:
Shawn Herring
Sr. Civil Application Engineer
Training & Support Manager
Date & Time:
August 15t…