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Revit Family Not Cutting Wall Properly

Ran into a case the other day where a wall hosted family (a towel dispenser in this case) that was cutting through the stud wall just fine, but wasn't cutting through a veneer wall (tile in this case) that was placed along side the stud wall.

If you run into a similar scenario, check the "Unconnected Height" of the wall.  If the unconnected height is less than 6'-0", the wall will behave different from other walls.

From the help file:
"Walls shorter than 6 feet are not cut, even if they intersect the cut plane.
The 6 feet are measured from the top of the bounding box to the bottom of the primary view range. ... When the top of the wall is less than 6 feet, the entire wall shows as projection even where it intersects the cut plane. This behavior always occurs when the Top Constraint property for the wall is specified as Unconnected."
So, to avoid this undesired behavior, simply "Attach" the top of the wall to the floor level or the level above and …

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER!!! Come join us for the 3rd Annual ProSoft PowerLaunch in Salt Lake City!!!!!

Registration for ProSoft's PowerLaunch 2013 featuring AUTODESK'S LYNN ALLEN is now available online.  Whether you're looking into converting to BIM or just want to see the new features in AutoCAD 2013 this unbelievable no-cost event is a day you don't want to miss!!

Register here:

Choose From Over 15 Incredible Breakout Sessions: PowerLaunch Agenda & Workshop Sessions ProSoft Welcome – 8:45 to 9:30 Intermountain West's most dynamic Autodesk support, sales and solutions team welcomes you. Keynote by Autodesk's Lynn Allen – 9:30 to 10:30 Join Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen as she discusses Autodesk 360—Enter the Cloud. Session 1 – 10:45 to 11:45 Lynn Allen 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes Angel Espinoza Civil 3D Workflows that WORK! Gabe Cottam Revit MEP Space Schedules Scott Davis [Executive Track] Visualization is More than a Pretty Picture! Lunch (Provided) – 12:00 to 1:00 Lunch in the Main Hall Ses…

Project Artoo: Geospatial cleanup utility for AutoCAD Map 3D

The cleanup tools in Project Artoo help you correct common errors that can be introduced during digitizing, importing, surveying, scanning, and drafting. With Project Artoo, you can perform cleanup operations on FDO-connected data stores, including SDF, SQLite, Esri® SHP, and geodatabase files, as well as Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle®databases.

Using Project Artoo, you can perform the following actions to help clean up geospatial data: Break Crossing ObjectsDelete DuplicatesExtend UndershootsApparent IntersectionSnap Clustered NodesZero-Length ObjectsErase Dangling ObjectsErase Short ObjectsDissolve Pseudo NodesSimplify ObjectsWeed PolylinesSliver Polygon RemovalRe-form PolygonsCorrect Duplicate PointsAfter installation, in AutoCAD Map 3D, type mapgisclean at the command prompt to invoke the Geospatial Clean Up wizard. Download it here: