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Depth Cueing lets you add depth to your elevations and sections to create stunning visuals to better communicate your design.
This functionality works with shadows on, realistic, hidden lines, sketchy lines, ambient shadows, anti-aliasing and more.  It operates in any view effect.  When you turn it on, you can control where the depth starts, stops, and the limits.
You have control over the outcome to meet your needs.  Designed for Architects, depth cueing adds pop to your elevations and sections in either architecture or coordination views.
Bottom Line: Add depth to your elevations and sections to create stunning visuals to better communicate your design

Now you can host railings on shaped edited floors, roofs, and on the top of walls with a single sketch line. This provides architects with the ability to do a unique design and host the rail as it is intended to be built on the site. Bottom Line: This continues on improving t…

What’s New in Civil 3D 2017?

It’s that time again! Tis the season for new releases of the Autodesk products. Where we all rush to install the moment it hit’s our account……..or do we? Are you one that waits until the inevitable SP1 to come out? Maybe you skip all the odd numbered years? Or maybe you are still in LDT (or others) world and contemplating Civil 3D?
Either way, I truly believe that Civil 3D 2017 is by far the best and most productive release so far and you may just want to get to it no matter what your past preferences may be.
This article looks at some of the top new features within AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 and may help you make your decision to download and install today.
Feature Line as Corridor Baseline I thought about saving the best for last, but I feel the first feature I am going to highlight is something I have been asked since the very beginning of Civil 3D and should just get right to the point!  If you have ever ran a corridor, or designed a parking lot using feature lines, I’m sure you have ask…