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Raster Design 2012 now available!!

Raster Design 2012 is now available for download (or shipment if you prefer)!!
Log into you subscription site and download it now:

Get More Value from Your Raster Imagery Make the most of rasterized scanned drawings, maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models. With powerful raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools, AutoCAD® Raster Design software helps you to easily clean up, edit, enhance, and maintain scanned drawings and plans in a familiar AutoCAD® environment for use in AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, AutoCAD® Electrical, AutoCAD® Map 3D, AutoCAD® Mechanical, AutoCAD® MEP, AutoCAD® P&ID, and Autodesk® Topobase™ software.
Timesaving image display features—Use a wide range of image data, embed images, insert and export images, and use a polygonal mask boundary to display image subsets. Image editing and cleanup—Includes commands for despeckle, bias, mirror, and touchup. Rast…

Correcting Snap Issues to Linked Revit Files

You cannot snap to any point of the linked Revit model in your project.

The reason you cannot snap to any point on a linked in Revit model is because the location of your project is off. What you can do to get your position corrected is the following: 1.Zoom to fit 2.Find the Survey point and Base point of your drawing file. (You may need to click on your reveal hidden elements (light bulb) to see these and unhide them.) 3.Us your move command to move the Base Point closer to your Survey Point 4.Save your project 5.From the Manage tab>Coordinates>Acquire Coordinates 6.Click the Architectural Model 7.Unload the Architectural model 8.Re-linking the Architectural Building Model using shared coordinates for the position  You should now be able to snap to elements in the linked Architectural Building Model.

If this does not work you will need to do the following to move your project into the right position: 1.What needed to be done is first we need to unlink the architectural …

Upgrading Your Revit Project to a Current Release

Not sure what to do with your Revit files when you move to the new version of Revit? Here is what you need to do to: 1.Make sure you make a backup copy of your Revit project. 2.If its a central file make sure all local files have saved back, synced and worksets have been released. 3.In your current Revit version open up the drawing file. In the open dialog box put a check mark next to Audit and click the Open button. 4.Once the project is open you will need to go to the Manage tab>Settings panel>Purge Unused and purge out all items to help expedite the upgrade process. 5.Set up a new template in your New Revit Software. When moving to a new version of Revit it's always important to set up a template for your company.  6.With your new Revit open and template created link in the older Revit project, bind then ungroup. This will update the old Revit file. The project isnt freshly created in the new version if its just opened in the newer version. There is core functionality changes to…

Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suites

Interested in moving your current software subscription to one of the design suites??
Take a look below and contact us today to find the best soluton for you and your company:
What is Autodesk Get Current Promotion?
For a limited time, from May 16, 2011 through July 15, 2011, the Get Current promotion offers discounts of 20% off SRP on select upgrades from a previous version, and up to 50% off SRP on select paths from AutoCAD LT. The offer includes discounts on upgrades, retroactive Subscription and Get Current (formerly Legacy) Program purchases.
***New product licenses purchases after May 2, 2011 are not eligible for this offer.***
What is Autodesk Reach Higher Promotion?
For a limited time, from May 16, 2011 through July 15, 2011, the Reach Higher Promotional Offer allows customers with select products on Subscription to migrate to Autodesk Suites at a savings of 20%. Paths from select products to specific suites are available at no charge!!

Contact: Brandon Monsen – brandon@prosoftne…


River Analysis for Civil 3D/Map 3D

River Analysis for Civil 3D/Map 3D is Alive in the Lab!!

This extension for Civil 3D 2012 and Map 3D 2012 makes it extremely easy to:

Automate HEC-RAS cross section cutting, water surface analysis, flood plain mapping, and all related modeling tasks.

Utilize numerous automation mapping tools for extracting cross sections from various digital terrain sources including contours, TINs, DTMs, DEMs, LiDAR data, survey files, surveyed cross sections, etc.

Perform sophisticated bridge and culvert analysis as well as automating the process of designing and analyzing roadway crossings.

Automate mapping of bank station locations, channel and overland flow lengths, levee locations, ineffective flow areas, Manning’s roughness data from topographic map data.

Perform automated bridge scour computations for FHWA and state DOT roadway studies.

Automatically generate floodplain and floodway maps, ready for FEMA and other agency submittals.

Download it here!!…

ProSoft Power Launch 2012 - Salt Lake City, UT

Sign up for ProSoft power launch today!
Announcing PowerLaunch 2012
ProSoft is an Autodesk reseller which serves the AEC industry through design software expertise, consulting services and instructor-led training. Provide training courseware products both hard copy and online training products.