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Don't forget to check out the Autodesk ©  Labs Utilities Plugin of the month.
Here you can find great add-in to your applications, to help simplify your workflow.

This month the plug-in of the month is:

DrawOrder By Layer for AutoCAD
This plugin can be used to reorder AutoCAD objects by their layer. Select the layer you want to reposition in the list, then press the move up or move down button to change its relative order.

AutoCAD 2007 and laterAutoCAD 2007 and later based applications

Why it's SMART to be on SUBSCRIPTION!

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Saves you money, it is a cost-effective way to keep up-to-date, great value over time.
2. Predictable Budgeting: Improve cash forecasting, and the possibility to include subscription fees in project estimates and billing.
3. Technology Upgrades: Always have fast access to the latest versions made available during the term of your contract; major releases and/or extensions between major releases.
4. Direct from ProSoft & Autodesk, provides fast, complete answers to technical questions.
5. e-Learning Self-paced, interactive lessons, featuring hands-on exercises, with an option to use a simulation instead of the software application and built-in assessments to identify skills gaps.
6. Technical Knowledgebase, a comprehensive online resource. Advanced search filters and personalized search capabilities give you fast access to the most relevant solutions.
7. Flexible Licensing Terms: Members are entitled to use previous versions of the software concurrently with …

Understanding the "CENTRAL FILE"

I get asked all the time about the central file. What is it? What does it do? How do I set it up? The central file is really easy understand, a lot of people teover think it and thus it becomes complicated.
    Something easy to help you understand a central file is to use a metaphor... I use a library for example.

    The "Library" is the central file, your "library card" is your local file, the book shelves in the library are the worksets, and the books on the shelves are the elements attached to that worksets.
If you own that bookshelf, no on else can use the books that are on there, but they can borrow them from you, once their done...

They simply return it back to you (return it to the shelf) by relinquishing their worksets.

Good practice: Communicate with your team about the work flow, when to save to central, and figure out what elements are going to be on what workset to help minimize any errors, and increase efficiency of your work flow.

One more thin…