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Autodesk Subscription Center Retiring March 13th

Effective March 13, 2015, Subscription Center, the online site where Maintenance Subscription customers have historically accessed their Subscription benefits, will be retired and all customers will be directed to Autodesk Account, a personalized and easy—to—use portal where customers can track and manage all of their Autodesk products, services, and benefits in one place.
What does this mean for me?  Subscription customers who currently go to Subscription Center to access their Subscription benefits will now go to Autodesk Account. All traffic to subscription will be automatically redirected to the new Autodesk Account page, if you have a bookmark or link to subscription center, update with the new link This new site will use your existing subscription center username and password so you can log right in and get started. 
How is Autodesk Account better than Subscription Center?
Autodesk Account features a streamlined workflow that helps you quickly find ever…