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Vectorize It App

If you haven't noticed by now, Autodesk has started producing some pretty cool apps which are available in the itunes store for the Ipad.  Below is a screen shot of some of the apps I have loaded on my Ipad and actually use.

Let's talk about a new one that was recently produced called Vectorize It.   It is a simple to use mobile app for creating editable vector drawings based on photos and images. With Vectorize It you can take a picture from the iPad Camera or Camera Roll and automatically convert it to a vector drawing file. You can open the output file directly on AutoCAD360 or send by e-mail in DXF or SVG formats.

As one trained in architecture, I find this app to be a really fun and cool way to create vectorized content of almost anything.  Playing around with it the other night, I took a picture of the side of my jeep, to create an elevation view and it worked out pretty good!

Here are some of the features this app can has.

• "One-Click" image to vector drawing con…

ProSoft PowerLaunch 2014

ProSoft PowerLaunch 2014
Registration is open for ProSoft's PowerLaunch 2014 event. PowerLaunch is more than a "Tips & Tricks" or "New Features in the New Release" event.

PowerLaunch 2014 is your opportunity to attend informative workshops, receive invaluable instruction ask questions of the Autodesk experts, network with fellow professionals, and much more . . . and there's NO fee to attend! These incredible free events showcase the new Autodesk 2015 products and offer industry specific breakout sessions for you to choose from. Whether you're looking into converting to BIM, improving your BIM workflow, want to see the cool new Cloud apps, or just want to network with peers and associates in the industry, you don't want to miss this no-cost event! Examples of Courses Offered:
Advanced Family Set-up in Revit
Autodesk ReCap Pro - Utilize RAW Scan Data
360 Degrees of Autodesk
Modeling and Massing for Design in Revit
Creating C…

How to request product media from Subscription Center

Software Coordinators and Contract Managers can request physical media (e.g., CD, DVD, or USB—depending on the product) for the most current version of products licensed on a Maintenance Subscription from the Subscription Center

Note: If you need to request physical media for a previous version, follow the instructions for requesting Autodesk product media. More information is available on the Previous Version Eligible Product List.