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Autodesk A360: Collaboration for Revit

Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® (A360 C4R) is a Cloud Subscription service that hosts Revit BIM (Building Information Models) in the cloud, enabling project team members from multiple companies or locations to concurrently author models. With Revit and Autodesk A360 integration, A360 Collaboration for Revit empowers design teams to work better together. By utilizing A360 C4R, design teams can bypass the lengthy and tedious file-sharing process with real-time model collaboration in a shared environment. A360 C4R provides up-to-the-minute model changes to all members of the design team—speeding up the design coordination phase of a project—resulting in savings of time and costs.
Key Values: ·Centralized access to project data for all team members oStreamline costly and inefficient processes for sharing models such as use of FTP sites, sharing software or email with attached PDFs. oMinimize complex and costly IT setup and maintenance. ·In-context communication oEnable better team unders…