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BIM Coordinator for AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit Structure

Thank you Autodesk Labs!!!
The lab now has a BIM Coordinator for Civil 3D and Revit Structure.
Hope this helps in some of your workflows. OVERVIEW The effective organization of project data in shared or related coordinates is essential to effective collaboration across disciplines and good quality project information. BIM Coordinator for AutoCAD®Civil 3D® and Autodesk® Revit®Structure software is a free*technology preview that assists project team members with building and site grids.
Download it here:

Autodesk Labs: Project Basejump for AutoCAD Map 3D / AutoCAD Civil 3D Introduction

Well since there is no more Google Earth interoperability Autodesk has came out with this product in the lab!!! As of this post I have not yet played with this new tool but I will and will post more info as I go!! Hope this helps your lost workflows!!

OVERVIEW Project Basejump for AutoCAD®Map 3D® 2013 and AutoCAD®Civil 3D® 2013 software is a free*technoloy preview that provides functionality that enables users to access Microsoft® Bing® web mapping services (WMS) maps within AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D. With Project Basejump, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D software users can access Microsoft Bing data including aerial imagery, road, traffic, and other information within an AutoCAD environment.
Download it here:

Converting CADWorx specs into Plant 3D specs

In the Spec Editor, you can convert specs or catalogs from AutoPLANT or CADWorx to AutoCAD Plant 3D. Third-party specs convert to Plant 3D specs and third-party catalogs to Plant 3D catalogs. After conversion, you can view a list of exceptions in a detailed report.
To convert CADWorx specs 1.      On the File menu, click Convert CADWorx Specs. 2. In the Convert CADWorx Specs dialog box, click Add. 3. In the Select Specs and Catalogs dialog box, navigate to the folder containing the specs you want to convert. Select one or more specs and click Open. 4. In the Convert CADWorx Specs dialog box, do the following: Under Select the Standard Library That Contains Referenced Files, click the [...] button and browse to the folder that contains the CADWorx libraries. Click OK.Note: Select the top level and not a specific library folder.Under Select the CadWorx datafile.tbl file, click the [...] button and browse to the folder where the file is located. Click Open.  Under Select the Folder For the Co…