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ProSoft Booth at the annual FLUG (Florida User Group) Event

All set up for the week in Cocoa Beach!!  Come by our booth for a treat, let us know you saw us there and we might just have something extra for you.


Creating blocks with attributes in AutoCAD 2014

Open the block you want to add attributes to in the block editor by double clicking the block or selecting the block, right clicking, and selecting “Block Editor”.

Add attributes by clicking on the Attribute Definition tool in the Action Parameters panel of the Block Editor tab.

 This will pull up the Attribute Definition dialog box.  Select your attribute mode and enter the attribute properties.  When choosing your Tag, remember that this is what the software looks for when extracting information from the block.  Choose your Text Settings and click on the “OK” button.  Now pick a point within the block where you want your attribute to live.  Click the "Close Block Editor" button.

Above is an example of a Door Schedule block with invisible attributes to store information to be extracted into a door schedule table.

The next time you insert this block, you will be prompted to enter attribute values for the block.  You can also edit the attributes by double clicking the block.…

Label Pipe Network Interference and Create Table in Civil 3D!!!

Ever wanted to label your interference checks in Civil 3D?
Ever wanted to create a table showing elevation and crossing differences in Civil 3D?
Take a look at this!!!
First - Run your interference Check between your networks

Before now, that is about it.  You could not label or find the exact differences between your networks.
ProSoft has new tools available to help out in your everyday workflows.  One of these tools will label your interference's in plan view, and then create a legend table showing the information!!
Second, switch to the ProSoft Power Tools tab, on the Pipes panel and choose "Label Pipe Interference".

It will AUTOMATICALLY label all the interference's and then ask you to place the table!!

Pretty slick huh??
IF you want more info about the tools feel free to contact me. Shawn @

Here is a screenshot of some of the additional tools.

Important Changes to Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Migration Program

Newsletter from Autodesk:
In response to your feedback we are making an important change to the previously communicated automatic upgrade offer from AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and AutoCAD® Map 3D to Autodesk® Infrastructure Design Suite 2014 Premium and Standard. Customers will now need to actively Opt In in order to receive IDS. No action by July 15 will result in the customer receiving the 2014 version of their original Civil 3D or Map 3D product upon availability.
So What Happens Next? 
June 11:  Customers with English language products: They will receive an email now asking them to activelyOpt In by July 15 if they want IDS, despite having received confirmation* of IDS availability for download back in March, following FCS. If they have not done so already, these customers must take action in order to confirm their preference. 
**No action by July 15 will result in the customer receiving the 2014 version of their original Civil 3D or Map 3D product upon availability.**
Contact your sales rep fo…

EXTENDED!!! FREE IPad Promotion!! Buy Autodesk Suites and get a FREE IPad from ProSoft!!

Because of the popularity of our recent promotion, the FREE IPad promotion has now been extended!!

Now Until July 30, 2013
With Every New License Of: •Building Design Suite Premium 2014 •Building Design Suite Ultimate 2014 •Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2014 •Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2014

You will receive a FREE IPad with EACH qualifying purchase. 5 seats, get 5 IPad's!!
ProSoft is the ONLY Autodesk Partner to offer such a great deal.  This is a limited time offer, so act now.
Contact our sales team for more information:

MAPIMPORT or MAPEXPORT DO NOT Work in Civil 3D/Map 3D 2014!!

When you install Civil 3D 2014 and/or Map 3D 2014 you may notice a couple important commands NOT working properly. When your try to import or export to an SDF or SHP file using the MAPIMPORT or MAPEXPORT commands there is an error message or nothing happens.
***This is a known issue and Autodesk Development Team is working on it.***
Click on the link for an Autodesk workaround: