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From November 1, 2015 to January 22, 2016, Autodesk Commercial customers with expired Maintenance Subscription contracts that are 31 to 364 days past expiration may renew their Maintenance Subscription and Autodesk will waive the Autodesk per seat late fee.  Renewal of contract term(s) must be fully booked and invoiced into Autodesk systems by the end of the 364th day following the expiration date.

How to fix an AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP crash

An issue cropped up last week with AutoCAD Architecture and AutodCAD MEP that caused a crash of the software with the error "Exception in mc3.dll / mc3d.dll ARX Command". The application crashes when opening a file, or randomly during use. This was caused by a damaged file, whitelist.xml. 

If you are getting this error, you can remedy the issue by following the instructions below. 
Solution:To fix the crash:
Exit all Autodesk programs. For AutoCAD Architecture 2016: Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ARCHDESK\2016\{5783F2D7-F004-0409-2102- 0060B0CE6BBA}\\MC3Delete the file WHITELIST.XML.Reboot the machine.Launch AutoCAD Architecture 2016.Enable Desktop Analytics, if you previously disabled it.The program will download a corrected WHITELIST.XML file.For AutoCAD MEP 2016:Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\BLDSYS\2016\{5783F2D7-F006-0409-2102-0060B0CE6BBA}\\MC3Delete the file WHITELIST.XML.…

Autodesk A360: Collaboration for Revit

Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® (A360 C4R) is a Cloud Subscription service that hosts Revit BIM (Building Information Models) in the cloud, enabling project team members from multiple companies or locations to concurrently author models. With Revit and Autodesk A360 integration, A360 Collaboration for Revit empowers design teams to work better together. By utilizing A360 C4R, design teams can bypass the lengthy and tedious file-sharing process with real-time model collaboration in a shared environment. A360 C4R provides up-to-the-minute model changes to all members of the design team—speeding up the design coordination phase of a project—resulting in savings of time and costs.
Key Values: ·Centralized access to project data for all team members oStreamline costly and inefficient processes for sharing models such as use of FTP sites, sharing software or email with attached PDFs. oMinimize complex and costly IT setup and maintenance. ·In-context communication oEnable better team unders…

ProSoft PowerLaunch 2015 is almost here!!

The annual ProSoft PowerLaunch is right around the corner.  Click the image below to register now!

Salt Lake City    —    10 June     
Noah's South Jordan – 322 W 11000 S

Idaho Falls
    —    24 June     
Shilo Inn Suites – 780 Lindsay Blvd

A recap of RECAP!!

The new Autodesk ReCap comes in 3 flavors: ReCap - Available as a free download or as part of a Suite, ReCap allows you to import laser scans, visualize, publish, and share point clouds, and prepare your data for modeling.ReCap 360 - The must-have for anyone working with point clouds, ReCap 360 includes all the features of ReCap, plus advanced measurement and markup tools, search, and access to the photo-to-3D service.ReCap 360 Ultimate - (Formerly ReCap Pro) The go-to for anyone with a laser scanner, ReCap 360 Ultimate contains all the features of ReCap 360 plus targetless automatic registration of terrestrial laser scans.

Autodesk Subscription Center Retiring March 13th

Effective March 13, 2015, Subscription Center, the online site where Maintenance Subscription customers have historically accessed their Subscription benefits, will be retired and all customers will be directed to Autodesk Account, a personalized and easy—to—use portal where customers can track and manage all of their Autodesk products, services, and benefits in one place.
What does this mean for me?  Subscription customers who currently go to Subscription Center to access their Subscription benefits will now go to Autodesk Account. All traffic to subscription will be automatically redirected to the new Autodesk Account page, if you have a bookmark or link to subscription center, update with the new link This new site will use your existing subscription center username and password so you can log right in and get started. 
How is Autodesk Account better than Subscription Center?
Autodesk Account features a streamlined workflow that helps you quickly find ever…