Cloud Credits | Autodesk Forge: Pricing

 Many of you may have had some experience by now with Autodesk Forge, whether it be through video tutorials, practicing on your own, or perhaps this is your first-time hearing about it. Many of its APIs and services are free to use, but others require the use of Autodesk Cloud Credits to use. This article is intended to get you up to speed on what you need to know in regards to the cost of using certain APIs, and services from Autodesk Forge.

Cloud Credits:

The virtual currency used by Autodesk to complete tasks in the cloud is necessary to fulfill functionality of the APIs and services offered in Forge. These Cloud Credits can be purchased through Autodesk using a Credit Card, PayPal, or Direct Debit (ACH). As soon as the payment is processed, you can begin using them. Cloud Credits start at $100 for 100 credits, with discounts beginning at purchases of 5,000 credits or more (for which you’ll need to contact the sales team).

Start small with your Cloud Credit purchase if you don’t know how much you’ll need. You can monitor usage, and check your credit balance from your Autodesk Product Page, and purchase more credits whenever you may need them. In addition, there is the option to subscribe to Forge, which will auto-renew every twelve months with 100 Cloud Credits (I should add a note here that using the Autodesk Forge subscription also offers unlimited cloud storage for files uploaded as part of a Forge workflow). It is also worthwhile to note that Cloud Credits expire after 12 months, so it is best to gauge your credit usage accurately, as to not waste any extra credits you may have purchased. Another benefit to the Forge subscription model is 1:1 assistance from dedicated support.

Autodesk Forge Trial:

Getting started with Forge can be a challenge, from figuring out which APIs you’ll need, to how many Cloud Credits you consume, it can be a little bumpy getting started. Luckily for you, Autodesk Forge has a 90-day trial in which you are given 100 Cloud Credits to use up until the 90 days is over, or you’ve expended your Cloud Credits, whichever comes first. These 90 days will give you full access, and can be a great time to experiment with Forge, and see if it would be a good fit for your business, and your workflows. You will also have access to tutorials, walkthroughs, code samples, and Forge experts to help you out when you need it. The trial will also include 5GB of storage for files related to Forge workflows.

In Closing:

Autodesk Forge has done so much for the organizations who have chosen to use the features it offers, no matter the industry. Spend some time looking at the Customer Success Stories to give you an idea of what it can do, and perhaps spark some ideas as to how you could apply it in your own organization. Or better yet, get some hands-on experience with Forge by signing up for a free 90-day trial, and see for yourself what it has to offer. After using Forge, its APIs and services, there’s no doubt that you’ll soon see why so many actively use it in their environments today!

This article was written by Ethyn Roux.

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