Builterra | Autodesk Civil 3D Add-ons

Our Consulting and Services Manager, Shawn Herring, wrote an article for this month's issue of AUGI World. Below is a portion of the article:

It’s always interesting to see all the add-ons to Civil 3D that bridge the gaps on what out-of-the-box software can do and what is really needed to pull off projects - especially on the civil side of things.  There are so many different sectors and sub-sectors of civil engineering and the project types are endless.

For this article, I reached out to my awesome network on LinkedIn to get an idea of what add-ons they use that are out there on the market.  There are literally thousands of add-ons so I narrowed it down to a few.  It was kind of like choosing your favorite child…..which in my case is easy because it's Addison!  She is my favorite, and here are a few of my favorite add-ons for Autodesk Civil 3D!

Quantity Estimation by Builterra

Yes, Civil 3D has the built in QTO Manager, and multiple methods for quantity takeoffs, but who here still manually does it?  I DO!  You could setup everything using the QTO in Civil 3D, and I’ve set it up for others before, but, in my opinion, it still doesn’t cut it.

Using Builterra, you now have a way to connect AutoCAD design objects with pay items. Unlike traditional quantity extraction tools, Builterra connects design data to the live project tender. Instantly capture and upload CAD or model based object properties to build pay item section tables. Designers and PMs can work together to create standardized templates for cost estimates or bid contracts. Stop copy/paste for good.

Additional tools and videos can be found here: 

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