Managing Styles | Managing Civil 3D

Our Consulting and Services Manager, Shawn Herring, wrote an article for this month's issue of AUGI World. Below is a portion of the article:

As we all know, there is a ton of data to manage when it comes to Civil 3D. Not just data, but files, best practices, styles, folder structure, etc., etc., etc.! At times it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if there has been no management over these items in the past. But for those looking to get a better handle on things, I’ve outlined several of the topics I’d make sure to spend a bit more time getting up to speed on. There are obviously many more things that help in project management, but these are some of the things I see being underutilized.


Maybe the toughest thing to manage overall? Who is in charge? Who can make template changes? Many companies are pretty relaxed on this, but many also have very strict CAD standards they must adhere to (either self-imposed or client). Some projects drag on for years. And how do you know that they are using the most updated standards?

How about referenced templates? This came out in circa-2017 (or 18). From the Manage tab of the ribbon, to the far right on the Styles panel, choose Reference.

This will allow you to add in your template, or multiple templates! (Figure 8)

Add DWT in Autodesk Civil 3D
Figure 8

When a user goes to edit a style, they will get this warning! This is a great way to manage styles as you will have one source file of styles to edit.

Edit a reference style in Autodesk Civil 3D
Figure 9

Now, if only Autodesk would add in a pushback button where you can edit styles in a current drawing and push it to the master template!

To learn more about managing data in Civil 3D, click here.