BIM 360 Updates From Autodesk University

Autodesk software is always updating, and BIM 360 has some exciting changes to help make your jobs easier. Autodesk Construction Industry Readiness Manager, Neil Rosado, filled us in on the latest BIM 360 updates from Autodesk University 2019:

  • Design: 
    • Troubleshoot At-a-Glance View: Now, you can create a troubleshoot at-a-glace view and quickly see current issues in a 3D model.
    • Facilitate Multi-Company & Internal Team Collaboration: Here you can facilitate singular and multi-company internal team collaboration. Now there is an automatic process for creating teams, assigning models and notifying teams. This is supportive of all Revit files, not just those that are workshared, helping those in multiple disciplines work more efficiently.
  • New Layout for Android App: This has been in a beta stage, but a new version is now available! This new mobile app makes it so much easier to connect to Robotic Total Stations or GPS devices. In the app, you'll be able to connect the model to layout points via Document Management. This speeds up the layout process with the remote control capabilities available. You'll also notice that new sorting and filtering detail points allow for both a list view and a model view.
    • The reason the Android app has been updated and apps for Apple products are still on the way is because it's been found that Android devices are more successful on job sites. But the new BIM 360 apps will be available on every mobile platform soon. 
  • Easier Project Setup: Project setup, including creating custom roles and setting them as a company-wide standard, on the platform is much easier now. Copying project settings from old to new projects using project settings templates is more efficient as well.
  • More Powerful Permission Control: New view permissions include View Only and View/Download so that you can really keep View Only as View Only!  The new setting flyout simplifies process configuration.
  • Saved Model Views: Now, no matter how many models you may have, it is easier to focus coordination activity on the project subset. You can create a group of models and align them to a project location and save them as a separate view. View also automatically updates as coordination progresses and models develop.
  • Automatically Captured Screenshots: FINALLY! As part of the Create Issue workflow, Model Coordination has the ability to create a shortcut to automatically take screenshots and attach them to the created issue. This helps provide more context to users viewing the issue outside of Model Coordination or in a detailed report.
  • Cost Management: This is phase two! 
    • Flexible Budget Structure: New functionality is available including a flexible budget structure, which is convenient for large companies with small finish jobs. There is also a contract generator, change order workflow, potential change orders and cost items.
    • Fundamental Forecasting Functionality: It is now possible to create a line item in Cost Management just for forecasts! You can even forecast items that aren't necessarily material, like labor.
  • Build:
    • Contruction IQ Preview: There is a full preview of Construction IQ for Next Gen! It's been extended to support data collected in Field Management module, helping contractors easily identify and take action on high-risk issues across their project portfolio.
    • RFIs on Mobile: RFI creation and search is now available in the BIM 360 iOS app. Field team members with the role of RFI Creator or Manager can draft a question and initiate the RFI directly in the BIM 360 app from their phone or tablet (including iPhones).
  • Reports with Issue Pushpins: Now you can see a thumbnail of the issue pushpin location on Issue Detail reports. This allows users to place where the issue is coming from without having to search through the drawings. This provides teams in the field with much more context and makes reports more action-oriented.
These are just a few of the latest BIM 360 updates! Stay tuned for more updates to come!