AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make life so much easier! They help you save time on projects, which helps you save money. Here's a quick rundown and a graphic to explain them:

AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts for civil 3d, advance steel, architecture, electrical and more

  • F1: Help
  • F2: Text Screen
  • F3: Object Snap
  • F4: 3DOsnap
  • F5: Isoplane
  • F6: Dynamic UCS
  • F7: Grid
  • F8: Ortho
  • F9: Snap
  • F10: Polar
  • F11: Object Snap Tracking
  • F12: Dynamic Input

  • Q: QSAVE - Saves your current drawing.
  • W: WBLOCK - Writes object/block to a new drawing file.
  • E: Erase - Erases object from a drawing.
  • R: Redraw - Refreshes the display in your current viewport.
  • T: MTEXT - Creates text object.
  • I: Insert - Inserts drawing/block into your current drawing.
  • O: Offset - Creates parallel lines, parallel curves and concentric circles.
  • P: Pan - Adds parameter with grips to a dynamic block.
  • A: Arc - Creates arcs.
  • S: Stretch - Stretches objects that are crossed by polygon or a selected window.
  • D: DIMSTYLE - Creates and modifies dimension styles.
  • F: Fillet - Fillets and rounds edges.
  • G: Group - Creates and manages group (saved sets of objects).
  • H: Hatch - Fills area/objects with hatch pattern, gradient fill or solid fill.
  • J: Join - Joins several objects together to form one unified object.
  • L: Line - Creates straight lines.
  • Z: Zoom - Increases/decreases magnification of the viewport.
  • X: Explode - Separates compound objects into its component objects.
  • C: Circle - Creates circle.
  • V: View - Saves and restores named views, layout views, preset views and camera views.
  • B: Block - Creates block definitions from objects.
  • M: Move - Moves objects in a specified direction for a specific distance.

  • Ctrl + A: Selects all objects.
  • Ctrl + C: Copies object(s).
  • Ctrl + Shift + C: Copies to clipboard with base point.
  • Ctrl + K: Inserts hyperlink.
  • Ctrl + N: Opens a new drawing tab.
  • Ctrl + S: Saves a drawing file.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: "Save as" command.
  • Ctrl + X: Cuts object(s).
  • Ctrl + V: Pastes object(s).
  • Ctrl + Shift + V: Pastes copied objects as a block.
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo last 'undo' action.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo previous command.
  • Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + \: Cancels current command.
  • Ctrl + 0 (zero): Clears screen by hiding palettes and tabs, leaving only drawing area. Press again to resent to default interface.
  • Ctrl + 1: Select object and press Ctrl + 1 to open the properties palette.
  • Ctrl + 2: Opens design center palette.
  • Ctrl + 9: Toggles the command line's visibility.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Cycles through open drawing tabs.
And there you have it! AutoCAD programs can be pretty tricky to learn, so hopefully this helps. Are there any we missed?


  1. Yes, you missed the most common command of all and its shortcut:
    U for Undo!

    1. Thank you, Mark! We've included "Ctrl + Z" for undo.


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