5 Reasons NOT to Use Pirated Autodesk Software

5 Reasons Not to Use Pirated Autodesk Software like Civil 3D, Revit, AEC Collection, BIM 360

The word 'free' always catches the eye. We live in an age of free information: free mobile device apps, free access to social media platforms, free online tutorials and more. According to Scott McKelvey, "Many will say 'free' [in marketing] works because it triggers a strong emotional response. It immediately creates the perception that no risk is involved." There are, however, some things that are worth paying for.

Autodesk software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry is one of these things. If you see a link offering a FREE download of Autodesk software that's not from the official Autodesk website or any of their re-sellers, STAY AWAY from them. Some Autodesk software can cost a pretty penny, but here are five reasons why it's a bad idea to use pirated Autodesk software:
  1. Downloading pirated material is illegal. We know. This is one of those "well, duh" moments. Regardless, many still take the risk. According to the FBI, "criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000." Still worth the risk?
  2. Autodesk offers FREE access to their software for students and educators as well as FREE 30-day trials for non-students and non-educators.
    *Pro Tip: Buy your Autodesk software through a re-seller. Re-sellers (including ProSoft) will usually sell the software you need for a lower price than Autodesk themselves. Plus, by choosing a local re-seller, you can often receive quick technical supporton-site training and more.
  3. Using pirated software opens the door to malware and viruses. According to the IT Compliance Association, "The Digital Citizens Alliance found that one third of pirated software sources contain malware and are 28 times more likely to have malware then legitimate sources. Once on your computer, hacking groups and criminals can log your keystrokes (capturing passwords or other sensitive information), outright steal your data, turn your web cam or microphone on, corrupt files, steal banking information, or even encrypt your entire system and hold it for ransom."
  4. Autodesk frequently holds sales! You don't always have to pay full price. Keep an eye out for Autodesk's sales. You can always find out about these sales by going to the ProSoft website, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn pages.
  5. "Unlicensed software cannot be updated," according to FindLaw, "nor will security patches be installed making a business' computer system vulnerable to malware, computer viruses and cyber attacks."

These are just 5 reasons not to use pirated software, among so many others. We recommend staying the best route and purchasing your Autodesk software through legal means. Your pocket and your company's reputation will thank you.