How to use the Stage Storage Analysis Tool in 5 Steps | Civil 3D

For this example, we will perform a stage storage analysis on a detention pond.  We will get the high water mark, and report the volume of the detention pond to that high water mark.
  1. We want to find the high water elevation, but our pond is not quite at the interval of the surface. The elevation at the red line is at 5105.00', but we want to find the elevation/volume at 5105.3'.
    Surface elevations in Civil 3D
    To do this, right click on the surface and select "Surface Propertiesà "Surface
    à "Display" tab à turn on "User-defined Contoursà Click "OK".
    User-defined contours in Civil 3D

  2. Back to Surface Properties à "Analysis" tab à Analysis type: "User-defined contoursà Range: "1à Elevation: "5105.3'".
    This will analyze the entire surface of your area at 5105.3'.
    Analyze surface of area in Civil 3D

  3. Now that we have a surface where we want it, select the "Analyze" tab à "Designà "Stage Storage
    Stage Storage in Civil 3D
    à Select project name à "Define Basin" à "Define Basin from Polylines" à "Extract Object from Surface"
    Extract object from surface
     à Click on any part of your surface. This will analyze our surface and extract objects.
  4. To define what we want in our stage storage, a window will appear titled "Define Basin from Entities" à Select "Defineà Window up to the user-defined contour that we set earlier à Hit "Enter".
    Define basin from entities in Civil 3D
     A new window will appear with the stage storage analysis and the volumes of the pond at any given interval we want.

    Stage Storage Analysis in Civil 3D
That's it! For the full video tutorial, please go to our YouTube channel by clicking the link below