LiDar Capture for Slab Verification

I was asked recently to do a project that consisted of LiDar Scanning (Using my FARO Focus 3D) for use in Slab Verification. Out of the thousands of projects I have done in the past dozen years, this is one I have never had the opportunity of doing.
My first thought was that it would be complete overkill, and maybe a waste of time. But to my surprise it worked out very well. I chose a concrete slab locally here in Utah, the slab was for an apartment building being built in Vineyard.
I don't want to bore you with ALL of the details, but I quickly outlined the steps below. If you want more info, I'd be happy to discuss anytime.
Slab Verification Process
  1. Scanned only 5 setups for the 15,000 sq ft building slab (Total Time = 1 hour)
  2. Imported/Registered Scans in Autodesk ReCap Pro (Total Time = 30 minutes)
  3. Brought in the scan into Civil 3D for analysis (Total Time = 10 Seconds)
  4. Selected the point cloud, edited the Point Cloud Color Map to show elevation change (Total Time = 15 Seconds)
  5. Has my results in under 2 hours from scan to verification!!
You could also take this one step further:
  1. Create a Civil 3D Surface from your point cloud.
  2. Use the water drop command to "Make it Rain!", and let it find the low points.
So this process that I had never done before, turned out to be a very easy way to verify the slab elevation. Maybe give this a shot sometime and let me know of it worked out!
Thanks, and Happy Scanning!
Shawn Herring