Free Subscription for one year with select upgrades

As of February 1st, 2015, upgrades from previous releases will only be available with Subscription, the most cost-effective way to stay current. Upgrade and subscribe now to gain additional savings on our latest software with all the benefits of Subscription.

Meaning that if you have software, off subscription, the next 12 months will be the last time you can gain any value through an upgrade.

BUT, right now is an awesome time to upgrade because they are giving you subscription FREE!!!  Roughly 1000.00 savings per seat you upgrade.

What Should you Do?
We would highly recommend keeping your Autodesk Subscription current now through the effective date, and going forward from there in order to maximize your Autodesk investment.  If you are not currently on subscription, we would recommend upgrading to the current version before the effective date and adding the FREE subscription at that time. If you plan to be on the cutting edge and utilize the latest and greatest software from Autodesk, having a current subscription plan will be the most cost effective way to do so.  Although we fully understand and respect that you have to make the best decision for you and your company.
Feel free to call us or email us with more questions, we can help you decide what the best decision is for your company moving forward.

Thank you,

Shawn Herring