Revit Schedules with Graphic Yes/ No Parameters

You've probably seen what happens to your Yes/ No parameters when you place your schedule on a sheet. Revit automatically replaces the check mark with text.

Have you ever wanted to maintain a graphic representation in that Yes/ No column?  Well, you can with a little workaround.  You just need to create a new "Calculated Value" parameter in your schedule and fill out the formula with a simple IF() statement.  

The syntax should read:
if(*test*, *YES*, *No*)
Where *test* is the name of your actual Yes/ No parameter (choose this through the ellipses button)
and *YES* is the symbol you want to show if yes
and *NO* is the symbol you want so show if no

The symbols can be copied from the Windows Character Map.  Take care to use the same font that your schedule body uses or it will not show you the character you thought it would.

Use the "Copy" button inside the character map and inside the "Calculated Value" dialog box, use the keyboard shortcut "Ctl+V" to paste your symbol between quotation marks "●".

You can leave the *NO* cell blank by using two quotes with nothing between "".

Finished Product should look something like this:


  1. If i have 10 fields to show different yes/nos i will have to make 10 calculated fields, and guess what, i will have to hide the text fields when finishing populating it or i will have to duplicate the whole schedule. Ah ! ! ! Revit.

  2. Nice - just what I was looking for!


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