ProSoft Civil 3D Power Tools

ProSoft Civil 3D Power Tools

Imagine something as indispensable as AutoCAD Express Tools,
BUT just having it for AutoCAD Civil 3D! 

The ProSoft Power Tools for tools fill
the gaps and missing functionality, improve usability and help
users to more effectively design their projects.

Below is more information about the ProSoft Power Tools.  Contact us directly for licensing questions:

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ProSoft Civil 3D Power Tools

Here are a few of the tools (plus many more)!!

This product is compatible with Autodesk Civil 3D 2014, 2013 and 2012


This set of tools includes tools for creating points along polyline, or adding station and offset data to the points.

Add a Station and Offset to Points

Associates points with an alignment and adds the appropriate station and offset values to the point. User can then create a point table that shows the station and offset of points.

Station points along polyline

Creates points along a polyline at all the polyline vertices and at specified stations. The command prompts the user to select a polyline, an alignment and then to specify a station increment. The command will then create points along the polyline perpendicular to the alignment at the specified station increment. 

Extract Blocks from Points

Extracts the AutoCAD blocks that make up a Civil 3D point style. The user can specify which point blocks to extract by one of the following selection methods (All, Group, Numbers or Selection). The command extracts the blocks and places them in the drawing. The user can then turn off the points and leave the blocks in the drawing.

Alignments & Profiles

In this group of tools we have a very useful method of creating Civil 3D alignment, calling Stick Method. User can create vertical curves in curb return profile.

Create Alignment with Stick Method

Create new alignments using what we call the stick method. The stick method allows the user to create alignments via a dialog box. The dialog box has 3 tabs one for Lines, Arcs and Spirals. The command also allows the user to add onto an existing alignment.

Create Polyline over Profile

This tool draws polyline over selected EG or FD profile.

Create Profile from Points

This tool creates a Civil 3D profile from an alignment and selected COGO points. It enables the user to define left and right alignment offset within the command as it is searching for the points. Points with lower or higher elevations than expected can be excluded from the selection.

Survey (Also see points above)

This group includes an interesting tool for creating or editing traverses.

Create/Edit Traverse

Create/edit polylines by entering traverse data (bearing/distance/radius) into a table. This easy to use tool can also edit existing polylines.


A set of very useful tools for creating a stepped offset, labeling assemblies or managing dynamic updating. User has full control over dynamic updates. They can be automatic or manually, ON or OFF.

Dynamic stepped offset

Command creates 3D polylines, offsets from original objects are maintained. When original object is edited, all new objects adjust accordingly.


Tools in this group are improving Civil 3D pipe functionality. With the tools for editing pipes in profile, swapping multiple parts, labeling interferences you will be handling Civil 3D pipes much more efficiently.

Swap Multiple Parts

Select multiple parts in plan or profile and swap them all at once. When using this command a user will select multiple pipes and/or structures and then a dialog box will be displayed. In this dialog box there are tabs for Pipes and Structures that will allow the uaser to specify the desired part in one quick easy to use command.

Pipe network from multiple polylines

Create a single Pipe Network from Multiple polylines. Civil 3D currently only allows a pipe network to be created from one polyline. This command allows the user to select multiple polylines on screen to create a single pipe network from all the selected polylines.

Label Pipe Interference

This tool labels existing pipe network interferences in the drawing. It creates a table with important interference data, like Northing, Easting, Elevation, etc.


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