Monday, March 26, 2012

AutoCAD Revit Suites Are Being Discontinued

Effective April 12, 2012, Autodesk will discontinue new sales of their various AutoCAD® Revit® Suites.
This includes new seat sales as well as any customers who wish to upgrade to one of the AutoCAD Revit

Which suites specifically are being discontinued?
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite
  • AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite
  • AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite

Existing customers of these products who are current on Subscription for AutoCAD® Revit® Architecture Suite
2012, AutoCAD® Revit® MEP Suite 2012 and AutoCAD® Revit® Structure Suite 2012 can renew their
Subscription for these products, and will be fulfilled with the new release of the AutoCAD Revit Suite 2013
product that they are current on when it is released.

Customers who are current on Subscription can renew their AutoCAD Revit Suite Subscriptions for the
coming year. 

Please contact your ProSoft Representative for additional information and pricing for renewing your current Subscription.   (888) 263-0393

Friday, March 9, 2012

ProSoft's Own Gabe Cottam Presenting at RTC USA 2012!

We are excited to report that our very own Revit expert, Gabe Cottam, has been invited to present at the Revit Technology Conference North America 2012.  

From their website:
"RTC is a unique, independent conference, covering all things Revit / BIM and the whole ecosystem that supports it and that goes to ensuring your success in the marketplace. No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location. As a 'by users, for users' event, RTC is the best place to get unvarnished advice from the people who use the technologies to drive their businesses, and the industry as a whole, forward. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all here, and all ready to give away their secrets to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry, and a stronger, more sustainable environment."

His presentation is titled "Revit MEP: Space Schedules for Design Verification and Validation".  The following is a brief description.
Space Schedules are one of the most underutilized tools in the Revit MEP arsenal. This class is designed to give you the tools to push the envelope of how you are using Revit to aid your design. In this class we will explore the diverse possibilities of Revit MEP space schedules for verifying and validating your design in a straightforward and easily understood format.  We will focus on using space schedules to:
• Verify LEED points • Compare design calculations to actual modeled conditions • Create and utilize calculated values • Resolve improper units • Implement conditional cell formatting for quick design condition verification
We will also cover the ability to reference space information in other schedule categories, as well as embedding schedules from other categories into space schedules.
Stop fighting the software and start harnessing all the information in your model to help you validate your design and verify that your design intent is actual making it onto the documentation.

Congratulations to Gabe on his amazing accomplishment.